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Avoid the delivery of large monolithic projects with bloated features that no one wants. Instead adopt an incremental or agile approach that gets early feedback from customers. Get our Agile resources here.

Give Innovation a Chance – Move off the Solution!

So there’s consensus within your organisation that now is the time to innovate. Competitive pressures are mounting up and more than ever you need to develop that unique solution for your customers to ensure your business continues to be a success. But you want to get that innovation to the market fast. There is enormous […]

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When it Comes to Product Surveys, Don’t Make This Mistake

The importance of a good product survey cannot be underestimated in the innovation process. You’d be a fool to ignore the customer input and rely only on intuition or internal feedback to determine what product(s) makes the final cut. Find out what your customers think of your shortlisted products. Don’t make the mistake of not […]

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