Is my business idea going to fly?

If you’re one of the many people who’ve emailed me recently about your new business idea or innovation, firstly, congratulations! It’s not always easy to come up with a great idea but you’ve done it.

While I try to respond to everyone individually, there are common themes coming through which I’ll address in this blog.

Understandably, plenty of you are raring to get your business plan in place, raise some money and launch your product. But wait!! What you do next can make the difference between success and failure.

The traditional route to evaluating your business idea is to put together a detailed business plan with market evaluation, costings and profit projections. But before you get buried under business plans and funding negotiations, not to mention throwing away your own money, resources and energy for the next 6 months, you need to stop and question whether your idea is compelling in the first place.

Is your big idea market driven? Your business plan won’t tell you if the fish (customers) will bite!

However I’ve learnt from bitter experience what separates a good idea from a non-starter. Really it comes down to just 3 questions.

  • Is there a market?
  • Is there high value to this market?
  • Can you get some kind of exclusivity?

At Innovation Launch we can help you find the answers to these questions. Sign up to the Innovation Launch Litmus Test to discover if your business idea is a flier.

Raglan Tribe

Raglan is passionate about the process of introducing new blockbuster products to the world. After a 20 year corporate career managing product development portfolios in aerospace, automotive and financial companies he set up his own innovation company - Mindsheet Ltd. Recent projects have been delivered to BAE Systems, Cobham, Finmeccanica, De La Rue, Toyota, Hyundai, Siemens, Delphi Automotive, MoD, Transport for London, North Star Equities and ITI Techmedia.

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